The Nissan LEAF is Nissan's entry into the eco-friendly car market. An environment-friendly green car, the Nissan LEAF is a hatchback that delivers powerful performance and smooth navigation around the city. If you live in Emmaus, Allentown or Easton, then a Nissan LEAF could be just the electric vehicle you were looking for, if you want an efficient electric vehicle that can give you longevity and endurance within an affordable price range. 

Why drive a Nissan LEAF?

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Tire rotations involve the periodic exchange of placement of the tires in your car. By rotating the tires in the car, you promote a balanced and even wear and tear of the car's tires, which ultimately end up extending the tire's life.

The pattern of the rotation depends on what kind of car you own and how it is used. You can ascertain for yourself what kind of tire rotation your car needs by finding out what the drivetrain of your car is. A vehicle that utilizes a front-wheel-drive makes more use of the...continue reading

Vehicular oils are classified into two main types - synthetic and conventional. While conventional oils are made using refined crude oil, synthetic oils are processed and made artificially by breaking down the chemical compounds into petroleum molecules.

Synthetic oils are further classified as fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, or blended. They are considered more efficient for increasing the performance of the engine basis of stability, sludge/deposit formation, pump-ability, and viscosity.

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Automobiles in the market today come with facilities such as 2WD or 4WD. But what do these terms stand for, and how exactly are the two different from each other? Well be answering these questions for your benefit so that you know what kind of car you deserve when you visit our Kelly Car showroom near Emmaus, Easton, and Allentown.

2WD What it is all about?

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If you dont earn enough or have enough credit to buy yourself a new vehicle, you might want to check out certified pre-owned or CPO vehicles. They can sometimes give you almost the same value as owning a completely new vehicle. Either way, a CPO model is definitely a lot more advantageous than owning any regular pre-owned variant. What difference does the certification make, and how is it obtained?

A CPO Certification Has to Be Won

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