With rising gas prices and environmental concerns, many drivers are looking for eco-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers are investing in technology to make new vehicles possible. The current crop of electric and hybrid vehicles offers some amazing features, great performance, and are available in a range of choices. These vehicles not only make daily driving easy, but they also incorporate technology not imagined even 5 years ago. Here is a look at this new segment of the automotive...continue reading

Jeep has been known for making army-styled vehicles that are tough and up for everything thrown at them. Whether it be rough terrain or smooth city roads, a Jeep has a presence that will match the circumstance no matter what.

The 2021 Jeep Gladiator keeps this tradition alive and is the only vehicle after the 90s to have a cargo bed in the Jeep lineup. This vehicle can tow more than the Wrangler any day. The highly customizable Jeep Gladiator is for the off-road warriors that want a car to double as a daily driver...continue reading

Buick has been known to make big and reliable cars and their SUV lineup is no exception. Mean-looking SUVs with modern sensibilities are what Buick has to offer. It has worked well for them in the past and 2021 should not be any different.

The three SUVs in the lineup called the Envision, Encore, and Enclave can cause a bit of confusion to people not familiar with the brand. All of them are at different price points and cater to different audiences. The cars themselves are very feature-laden and have all the tech...continue reading

Jeep's SUVs are popular for their refined performance, handsome looks, and robust bodies. Of all its vehicles in the SUV segment, the Grand Cherokee is an SUV that combines luxury with raw athleticism and off-road durability, the most seamlessly.

In addition to its impressive performance parameters, the vehicle comes with a cabin that caters to the occupant's every need with its all-around feature package. The Kelly Automotive and Kelly Jeep dealership in Emmaus, PA serves the Lehigh Valley area and cities of...continue reading

The 2021 Ram Truck lineup packs a serious punch. With the addition of the TRX, 10th Anniversary Longhorn, and Limited Edition Night Edition. The Night Edition has a monochromatic theme with 20-inch black wheels, black badges, and a black grille. Some of the new features across the lineup are a digital rear camera, full-color heads-up display, folding power trailer mirrors, reverse steering control, and also a surround-view camera system. Snow Plow Prep variant has a 220 amp alternator, rear power sliding which...continue reading