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Tips to Drive Your Jeep Off-Road Safely

Your Jeep was not designed to spend its days on the pavement, it should be taken farther. However, before you take it for an off-road adventure, you need to be equipped with the right information toavoid unpleasant surprises. Patience, skill and common sense are required for off-road driving. Read the tips given by our experts of Kelly Risk Free to ensure that you drive safely.

Know Your Vehicle’s Limits

Think your hard core Jeep is immune to everything? Rocks could very well bend metal if you’re not careful! Before taking your Jeep on the trail, remember that your vehicle can play within the limits. Your best bet is to have a well maintained car and knowing your minimum ground clearance.

Wheel Position is Everything

Be aware of your front wheel positions whether you are crossing mud, dirt trail or sand. It may sound simple enough that your fronts would be straight if your steering wheel’s straight. However, in your endeavors to frantically whip your wheel to the correct position, you forget about it. Check, rather, double check, outside the window if you are about to take on a different stretch or get stuck. Steer in small increments, keep your thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel, and minimize your steering input while you are at it. If your thumbs are wrapped around the inside, they can break because of kickback which creates sudden jerks.

Don’t Go Solo

Off-road is a getaway from the daily hassles of life; however, if you have company, you will enjoy more. If all of you want to drive, you can go expedition style with your friends and their vehicles staying in each other’s visual field and having meeting points planned in case you get separated. Another sensible plan is having two-way radios in your cars.

Know How to Get Unstuck

Newbies are usually amazed by the slow pace of things when driving off-road. The surefire way to get stuck is excessive speed. Do not try the method of spinning at full-throttle to free yourself. Lighter throttles and steering input enable multiple attempts to get unstuck. However, if that does not work and you have to be towed, attach the chain or strap low.

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