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What to do When Your Used Mitsubishi Galant’s Ignition Fails to Start?

When the ignition of your automatic Mitsubishi Galant refuses to start, you go into panic mode. However, going into panic mode will just worsen the situation, as you would call the mechanic only to have him/her charge you a large sum of money to fix your car. This can be avoided if you know how to start the ignition when it refuses to budge. Next time, your ignition becomes stubborn; try these methods to make it working again:

1. Check Your Key for Damage

First, check to see if you are inserting the right key. People with more than one vehicle may insert the key for their Toyota into their Mitsubishi Galant especially if they are in a hurry to reach somewhere fast. If that’s not the case with you, you may want to inspect your key for damage. If damage has occurred on your key, use a spare key that came with your vehicle instead.

2. Check to See the Car’s Gear Setting

If you are used to driving a manual or you accidently set the vehicle in the wrong gear, your vehicle will refuse to move. Therefore, always remember that an automatic vehicle such as the Mitsubishi Galant needs to set in Park or Neutral to start.

3. Check to See if the Steering Wheel is Locked

Some vehicles lock the wheel when you turn off the ignition. In order for you to start the car, you will need to unlock the wheel first. Refer to the car’s owner manual on how to unlock the wheel prior to starting the ignition.

4. Check the Position of the Tires

Sometimes, the problem with your vehicle not starting may be due to the position of your tires. Some ignitions tend to lock up if the tires are positioned in a particular direction. Another reason could be if the tires are jammed against the sidewalk. To correct the situation, shift the car into gear, set the handbrake, give the steering wheel a yank, release the handbrake, turn the wheels, and start the car.

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