Nissan Technology

Nissan Technology

For over eight years, Nissan has been a pioneer with engineering and technological innovation. The auto manufacturer’s vehicles have become synonymous with quality and high performance has bagged many awards and recognitions over the years. 

For instance, the Nissan LEAF is officially the best-selling electric vehicle (EV) in the world, with Nissan having registered over 142,000 sales since they launched it in 2010. In addition, Nissan vehicles performed well in the J.D. Power Awards 2019. 

Apart from its success with electric cars, Nissan vehicles have plenty to show with engineering and technological innovation. The company has introduced a revolutionary NISMO division, which, according to the management, “brings race track performance and advanced car technology to the street.”

Nissan also introduced Safety Shield Technologies, which are a series of advanced safety features that alert drivers of potential dangers like never.

On top of this, two years ago, Nissan announced that it was working on a ‘brain-to-vehicle’ (aka ‘B2V’), a tech project which, as the name suggests, can have your car so technologically advanced that it could expect your driving responses before you can turn them into action, such as applying the brake.

Looking at these incredible endeavors, technological innovation is the driving force behind the global success of Nissan vehicles. It was in 1947 that Nissan started its EV venture when the Tama made its introduction in Japan. Since founded in 1928, new ideas and fresh thinking have fuelled its progress. Today, almost 70 years later, the company still continues its long streak of innovation. 

According to Guillaume Masurel, the current Marketing Director at Nissan Motor GB, innovation is ingrained in Japanese culture, which is why Nissan is where it is today. Not only this, but the company has always strived to do things a 'bit differently', even though this may mean more challenges. 

He adds that it is important to 'think without boundaries', especially with connected cars–Nissan’s area of specialization. With this attitude and commitment to excellence, Nissan technology will continue providing customers with excellent vehicles marked by quality. 

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Source: Nissan