2021 Buick SUV Lineup | Envision vs. Encore vs. Enclave

Buick has been known to make big and reliable cars and their SUV lineup is no exception. Mean-looking SUVs with modern sensibilities are what Buick has to offer. It has worked well for them in the past and 2021 should not be any different.

The three SUVs in the lineup called the Envision, Encore, and Enclave can cause a bit of confusion to people not familiar with the brand. All of them are at different price points and cater to different audiences. The cars themselves are very feature-laden and have all the tech one can desire. The main difference is the engine and the interiors between them.


Depending on the number of people that you plan on having in your car, you can go choose from the three different options. The Encore is in the subcompact category, while the Envision is labeled as compact. Both can house 5 people in the car, while the Enclave can easily fit 7. The three-row Enclave is excellent for people with bigger families that need the extra seats. 

As far as legroom is concerned, the Enclave has the largest cabin space, so it has the most legroom too. The legroom in the first row is similar for the three SUVs but in the second row, the Enclave has 3 inches more than the Encore. For anyone who has traveled in cramped cars, they know the value of three more inches. 

As far as cargo space is concerned, the Enclave has more than double the cargo space when seats are folded of that of the other two. The Enclave has 97.6 cubic feet of space available to that of 48.4 and 57.3 cubic feet in the Encore and Envision. The Enclave also has a hands-free liftgate that comes in handy more often than not.


Whether you are fuel-conscious or need a thrilling ride, there is a car available for you in the 2021 Buick lineup. The 2021 Buick Encore shall appeal to people who are looking to save on fuel costs, but for the adventurous types, the Enclave is the one to go for.

The 2021 Buick Encore has an inline-4 engine that gets the job done without any problems. It is enough to power this SUV and does a great job on city roads. If It were up to us, we would go with the 2021 Buick Encore GX for getting the most out of the car.

The 2021 Buick Enclave, on the other hand, is a mighty beast that unleashes itself on the highways. Its 3.6L V6 is great for overtaking other cars and is certainly more than enough for propelling the car. 

When it comes to the 2021 Buick Envision, we can say that it is the middle-of-the-road car that does everything very well. With a better fuel efficiency than the Enclave but better power figures than the Encore, the Envision is the safe choice amongst the three.

The 2021 Buick Lineup is now available at Kelly Auto, Emmaus, PA. Come on down to the showroom and check out the cars yourself. We're just a short drive away from Allentown, Easton, and Philadelphia.