2021 GMC Canyon Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of a vehicle measures how much a truck can pull. The GVWR or the gross vehicle weight rating has to be subtracted from the vehicle’s curb weight to ascertain its maximum towing capacity.

So, what is curb weight? It is the maximum truck, which the truck has been designed to carry. In other words, it is the weight of the truck on its own when its tank is full of fuel and other essential fluids.

On the other hand, GVWR refers to the truck’s maximum allowable weight when it is full of passengers, trailer hitch component, fuel, and cargo. Usually, one will come across the curb weight near the tag of the VIN number displayed inside the truck. Or, it can be also seen on the label displayed inside the side door of the driver.

2021 GMC Canyon Towing Capacity

Based on the powertrain one selects, the GMC Canyon for the model year 2021 is equipped with a maximum towing capacity in the range of 3,500 pounds and 7,700 pounds.

Payload Capacity 

How much a truck can carry is measured by the payload capacity. To arrive at the maximum payload capacity of a truck, curb weight is subtracted from the vehicle’s GVWR. Based on the powertrain selected, the latest GMC Canyon provides a maximum payload capacity between 1,347 pounds and 1,570 pounds.

Towing Assist Technology

The 2021 GMC Canyon takes advantage of its innovative towing technologies, which help in supporting when one is hauling. There is an integrated trailer brake controller that comes in handy to control the trailer brakes better. A diesel exhaust brake system is also made available to bring down the amount of braking needed actually. You will have more confidence while towing in hilly areas.

Engine Models

Its Elevation and Elevation Standard trims feature the 2.5-liter I4 gas engine. The V6 3.6-liter engine is available as standard on Denali and AT4 trims. Except for its base Elevation Standard trim, all other trims offer the 2.8-liter turbo diesel later in 2021.

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Source: GMC