5 Common Car AC Issues and Solutions

Car air conditioning systems are often taken for granted until a problem crops up and the system stops functioning.

One of the best ways to ensure that your AC is at its efficient best is to visit Kelly auto service. Our expert technicians look for common issues during every maintenance visit and fix these AC problems. You will have your AC system working as good as new within a short time.

There are some common problems that can prevent your AC from generating cool air within the car.

1. An Oily Residue Could Indicate a Refrigerant Leak

If you notice an oily presence around the hose connections of your AC, then a refrigerant leak is the most possible reason. Such a leak can occur at any spot of the AC unit. The hose connections are a typical spot.

A sealant designed specifically for car AC units is the best solution for fixing refrigerant leaks. You can do it yourself or a technician at Kelly can help you.

2. Inadequate Cold Air can be Due to Issues with AC Belts and Hoses

Cold air inside the car may sometimes be inadequate. You may feel that the airflow is not up to your AC’s original capacity. This could indicate a problem with the system’s belts and hoses.

AC hoses and belts are crucial to maintaining proper airflow within the vehicle. Issues such as leaks, blockage, and loosened parts, can prevent efficient airflow from AC system vents.

3. Excess Hot Air Inside the Car May be Due to Blown Fuses

If you feel hot air circulating inside the car despite the AC system functioning, then a blown ventilation fuse could be the problem. When the ventilation fuse blows out, it prevents the blower motor of the AC system from functioning. The blower motor is the component that sends cold air from the vents into the vehicle.

4. Small Amounts of Cold Air from Vents Could Mean Clogged Air Filters

Cold air enters your car in two ways – through recirculated air within the cabin, and through vents. A blockage in the air filter can reduce the amount of cold air, or totally prevent it from blowing through the vents.

5. Bad AC Smell can Mean Bacteria, Leakage, or Filter Problem

Sometimes a foul, weird, or a sweet smell can fill the car. Dirty air filters, growth of mold or bacteria, or leakage of gas or antifreeze, are some common reasons.

Experts at Kelly auto service can identify the root cause and fix it efficiently. Visit our Vehicle Service Department in Emmaus or schedule an appointment online.