The Benefits of Buying OEM vs. Aftermarket Car Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts or OEM car parts are genuine and made by your auto manufacturer. These parts are slightly expensive when compared to the aftermarket parts that are made by third party companies. The aftermarket parts are identical to the OEM parts and designed to serve the same purpose. There are several pros and cons relating to both these types however the winner is the OEM parts when it comes to OEM vs. aftermarket car parts.

Here are the benefits of buying OEM car parts:

Assured Quality and Performance

Since OEM parts are made and tested against the manufacturer's standards, you can be assured of the quality, function, and performance. They exactly look and perform like the original and come with the exact specifications and dimensions. They are made with top-grade materials and can function consistently for a long period of time. Aftermarket parts on the other hand wear and tear easily, requiring you to make frequent replacements.

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Buying OEM parts gives you an edge. You get to benefit from the manufacturer's support which means, you can get your car serviced at any of the authorized dealerships for minimal or no cost. Further, OEM parts are backed by a warranty, generally 12 months. Don’t expect this support when you choose to go with aftermarket car parts.

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Beneficial in the Long Run

OEM parts certainly cost more than the aftermarket parts or used car parts. However, you need to realize that OEM parts are beneficial in the long run. These parts are made to precision, durable, and ensure factory-fit specifications hence can serve your vehicle longer than the aftermarket parts.

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