All-New 2020 Dodge Durango SXT in Emmaus

Durango SXT is the new member of the Doge Family that has taken the mid-SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) market by storm. Its extremely big proportionate and rugged body makes it a stand-out model. If you are looking for an SUV and are interested in the all-new 2020 Dodge Durango SXT, here is what you should know about the car:

The 2020 Dodge Durango SXT comes with a 3.6 l V6 engine that provides a torque of 260 lb. ft. and a horsepower of 293 hp. If you go for the 5.7-liter model or the 6.4 l V8 engine model, you will be able to enjoy a torque of 390 lb. ft. and 470 lb. ft. respectively. Also, the former engine produces a horsepower of 360 hp while the latter offers a horsepower of 475 hp. The towing capacity of SXT is 6,200 pounds.

Fuel Efficiency
With the Durango SXT model, you will have a combined fuel efficiency of 21 mpg. In city driving, the fuel efficiency of the vehicle stands at 19 mpg while the same is 26 mpg in highway driving. The SXT model can achieve better fuel economy.


When it comes to mid-SUV cars, Dodge Durango models among the best in the market. The long wheelbase of 119.8 inches of the car is more than even some full-size SUVs.


The SUV can accommodate five people. There are also three-row models available with captain chairs. But, by paying a little more money, you can add a third row and up the trim level. Even with 8 seats, there will be plenty of cargo space in the truck along with adequate head and leg space.


The performance of the vehicle is only enhanced by the interiors of the SUV. the Dodge Durango comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Also, there is a six-speaker sound system along with Bluetooth. There is an option for satellite radio as well. To manage all this, you can use the seven-inch touchscreen display console. 

If you are interested in muscle cars in the mid-SUV range, this is a great option. The robust performance it offers along with adequate space and beautiful interiors makes it the perfect fit for you. To get more information about the Dodge Durango SXT or to get the test driving option, visit the Kelly Auto dealership in Emmaus.

Source: Dodge