Why You Should Get Your Car Serviced at The Dealership

Your vehicle needs servicing regularly. You have a choice to take your car to the dealership or local repair shops for servicing. Your local repair shop may tempt you with offers, but there are definite advantages to getting your car serviced at the dealership.

1. Certified Expert Workers

The staff at the dealership are trained by the vehicle manufacturer to work on their line of vehicles. Hence, they can diagnose any problem faced by your vehicle more accurately. They are well versed with the technology behind your vehicle. Dealerships also have up-to-date information about any service recalls and updates offered by the manufacturer.

The technicians at the local repair shops see a variety of models and brands of vehicles. They can only guess the problem faced by a particular vehicle.

2. Sophisticated Equipment

The latest generation cars require up-to-date equipment for repairs and servicing. The dealerships are equipped with the latest tools required for the repair of cars. If any equipment is not available, then they can quickly procure it from their wide network of dealers.

The local shops may not have all the necessary equipment and you may have to waste time waiting for the tools to complete the repairs.

3. Original Spare Parts

The dealerships will always use original spare parts recommended by the manufacturer for repairs.

Local repair shops mostly use aftermarket parts. You cannot be sure of their quality.

4. Warranty

If your vehicle is under the warranty period, then dealerships provide services for free or at discounted rates. Even after the warranty period, work done at dealerships is backed by a warranty.

Getting your vehicle serviced at a local repair shop during the warranty period may make your warranty void. Local repair shops do not offer any warranty on work done by them.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Servicing at dealerships is seen as part of the vehicle purchase experience. Dealerships give high priority to customer satisfaction. Their relationship with the manufacturer rests on customer satisfaction.

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Source: Pexels