The Best Time to Get Your Car Serviced

When should you get your car serviced? Well, generally, cars need their first service at 12,000 miles. You need to get it done sooner if you use your car more frequently. However, have you ever thought about the best time to take your car to the dealership?

Usually, Saturdays are the busiest for dealers. They get a ton of inquiries and will have cars for service all over their place. People tend to get their vehicles checked on Fridays and Saturdays to make sure their weekend road trips are smooth and safe.

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Mid-Week is the Best Time

Since dealerships aren’t open on Sundays, Mondays are swamped as well. This means the other weekdays, i.e., Tuesdays through Thursdays, are ideal and the best time to get your car serviced. Many dealers also offer mid-week deals and discounts to attract customers. You can check the dealer website to learn about mid-week specials and offers.

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There’s another thing to note. Making mistakes is human nature, so your car might not get the service quality you expected when you get it done during the weekends. Since Fridays and Saturdays are high-pressure days for technicians, errors may happen unknowingly or unintentionally. To minimize the risk of mistakes, we recommend you getting your car serviced during the mid-week.

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