How Often Should You Really Get Your Vehicle Serviced?

Servicing your vehicle is an important part of car maintenance. If you don't service your car regularly, not only will you run up expensive long term costs in repairs to parts and accessories, you could also end up putting yourself and your passengers in danger in case your car doesn't perform properly while you are on the road.

Your car may appear to be working fine on the outside, but if your Owner's Manual has told you that your time to get the car serviced, or if you have set up a system in your Information Display to inform you when your car needs to be serviced and you ignore it when it warns you, you could be in trouble if you get unlucky on the road. If your car is older, however, you will need to keep track of service schedules. You can also visit any dealerships in Allentown or Emmaus to upgrade your vehicle.

Why Do You Need To Get Your Car Serviced And When?

Certain parts of your car, such as the engine oil or the brake fluid, needs to be changed on a regular basis so that they work properly. The engine oil, for example, is combined with cleaning agents that keep the internal parts of the car operating well. However, it also causes deposits of carbon that can negatively affect the engine's internal combustion.

Similarly, the brake fluid also deteriorates with time since it has the ability to take in moisture that is found in the atmosphere. If you are looking to upgrade any used cars Easton, PA, then visit a used car dealership like Kelly used cars Emmaus to get your car serviced.

There are four kinds of car maintenance you can perform:

  1. Regular Car Maintenance: The service technician changes the oil and filter of your car.
  2. Minor Service: Should be performed every six months or 6000 miles, whichever comes sooner.
  3. Major Service: Should be performed every twelve months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.
  4. Manufacturer Service: As per the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Every car, whether they be a Mitsubishi, a Jeep, a Nissan, a Chrysler, or a GMC, will have different internal processes, which the manufacturer will know best. This is where the Owner's Manual and the recommended service periods of each make and model come into play.

So, if you drive a Dodge, or a Ram or a Buick, they may have different recommendations from the manufacturer on when it should be serviced. If you are looking for cars for sale Allentown, Easton, Allentown, or Emmaus, then visit a dealership like Kelly Auto for used cars, new cars, and more today!