Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle Driving Benefits

The Nissan LEAF is Nissan's entry into the eco-friendly car market. An environment-friendly green car, the Nissan LEAF is a hatchback that delivers powerful performance and smooth navigation around the city. If you live in Emmaus, Allentown or Easton, then a Nissan LEAF could be just the electric vehicle you were looking for, if you want an efficient electric vehicle that can give you longevity and endurance within an affordable price range. 

Why drive a Nissan LEAF?

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity among people who prefer cleaner vehicles that work to conserve the environment. However, the Nissan LEAF provides more than just that - it is a powerful vehicle that has been upgraded to match the standards and needs of all car consumers today. 

When you invest in a Nissan LEAF, you can experience: 

  • Zero-emissions for a cleaner environment: The zero-emissions coming from the Nissan LEAF can be attributed to the car's use of electric-powered lithium-ion batteries mounted on the floor of your car - but this also gives you an advantage when it comes to paying for gas. Over time, a driver can run up huge costs when it comes to fuel efficiency, and the more mileage a fuel-based car has, the less fuel-efficient it becomes. This doesn't apply to a Nissan LEAF, where you simply have to plug in your car to its electric charging port in order to power up your car. 
  • Accelerate immediately: Torque is manufactured at 0 RPM in the Nissan LEAF, and this gives your car immediate power when you accelerate. The electric vehicle removes any lag you would typically experience as your vehicle produces torque, and gives you instant results. 
  • No fuel engines: The removal of fossil fuel engines, which use the mechanism of internal combustion to generate power within the car with a much quieter electric-based one, results in quieter yet smoother driving experience. The Nissan LEAF makes minimum noise on the road and is practically silent at low speeds. 
  • Nissan's battery leasing policy: When you invest in a Nissan LEAF, the electric car's battery is leased to you. Not only does this reduce costs during purchase, it also makes Nissan responsible for the care and recycling of the vehicle's battery. 

There are several other advantages to buying a Nissan LEAF. To learn more about this powerful electric vehicle, visit the Kelly Auto car dealership near Emmaus, Easton, and Allentown today!  

Source: Nissan