Nissan Roadside Assistance

Nissan Roadside Assistance is a service that allows all owners of Nissan vehicles to reach out to and receive help from authorized Nissan service centers and technicians in repairing a disabled car.

Nissan Roadside Assistance can be reached either by calling a toll-free number that connects you to a roadside recovery service specialist from Nissan or by using NissanConnect services either on your car's display screen or using the NissanConnect app.

What Happens When You Connect With Nissan Roadside Assistance?

When you connect with a service representative from Nissan Roadside Assistance, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your Vehicle Identification Number
  • Your location
  • Your current mileage
  • A call-back number, which will also be used as your reference number
  • If your car needs to be towed, then whether you intend to remain with your vehicle until the service technician arrives
  • Whether you have a dealership you would like your car to be towed to, when necessary, such as the Kelly Nissan Service Center. 
  • Whether you intend to travel by the service technician and your car to the Nissan dealership
  • Whether your car operates in neutral gear

Nissan Roadside Assistance is available as a complimentary service for all vehicles that were purchased in 2010 or later. The service extends for the first 36,000 miles your car travels, or the first 36 months, whichever comes before.

What Services Are Included With Nissan Roadside Assistance?

If you were driving around Allentown and your car broke down at a place that was away from any dealerships in Allentown that could help you, then Nissan Roadside Assistance can save the day. The services Nissan Roadside Assistance provide include:

  • Flat Tire
     If your car has a flat tire, then a service technician can swap it out with your spare.
  • Dead Battery 
    The service technician can give your car's dead battery the jump start it needs to make your car operational again.
  • Lock-out Assistance 
    If you find yourself locked out of your car, a technician can help you get back into your car.
  • Fuel Delivery
    You can have fuel delivered to you if you have run out, and your car is not starting.
Source: Nissan