Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance: Prepping Car for Summer

Summer heat and dust can add to your car’s woes carried forward from the winter. The entire pressure can lead to reduced performance and even vehicle breakdown.

Whether you are using a standard FWD, 4WD, or an AWD, routine vehicle maintenance is essential to have your car in a perfect condition for the summer.

A regular vehicle service reduces the chances of mechanical failure while keeping you safe on the wheels. For a reliable summer service, you can always visit our Kelly Auto authorized service center near Allentown, Easton, and Emmaus.

Ways to maintain your vehicle in top condition this summer:

Rotate Car Tires

Tire rotations are important to ensure even wearing. A recommended duration for tire rotations is for every 5, 000 miles. Also, check your car tires for tread wear, cuts, and bulges.

Under-inflated or overinflated tires can interfere with vehicle safety and performance as they reduce surface grip. Therefore, check tire pressure and ensure that the reading is always at the manual-recommended level. For an accurate reading, check the pressure when the tires are cool and the vehicle has been at rest for a while.

Check for Engine Problems

An efficient engine system is important to achieve fuel economy. If you are facing problems such as dry starts, stalling, or reduced performance, then get your car to a reliable service center immediately for an expert checkup.

Left ignored, summer’s dusty conditions can worsen your car’s problems.

Check your car’s filters, including air and fuel filters. Replace them if they are damaged. Summer dust and debris can worsen filter condition if they are already damaged. Replace filters with new ones for greater efficiency.

Changing your car’s engine oil is crucial to maintain the health and longevity of your engine system. An oil change is usually recommended for every 3, 000 miles. Clean oil keeps your engine system well-lubricated and protects engine components from premature wear and tear.

Test the Brakes

If you are experiencing a longer stopping distance, or are hearing unusual noises and vibrations, then your brake system may be the culprit. An expert technician checks the entire system, including brake rotors, pads, fluids, and drums, to locate the source of problems.

Do not ignore even minor brake aberrations. Get them examined and rectified immediately.

Ensure that your Car’s Air Conditioning is Working Well

Switch on your car’s AC and take a drive. If you feel the interiors are not cool enough, then there could be a problem with your AC. Get the AC system examined immediately and replace defective parts if necessary.

Plan ahead this summer and get your car ready for the season!