Top 4 Ways to Maintain Your Car's Value

Maintaining your car is an important way of ensuring that its value doesn't depreciate too radically. From the moment you drive out of the showroom with your new car, you can expect its initial value to depreciate.

Most cars are sold five years after purchase. Throughout those five years, its value tends to depreciate a little every night. To make sure that the rate of depreciation is still manageable during resale, you'll need to take care of your car regularly.

How to Maintain Your Car's Resale Value

There are four key areas where you can control the depreciation rate. If you maintain your car in these four areas, you'll be able to sell it later at a good price. These include:

1. Regular Maintenance Schedules

You can find information on the kind of maintenance schedule you should follow for your vehicle in the Owner's Manual. Make regular appointments and have the car inspected and maintained regularly. It would also be a good idea to keep all the receipts with you to show the next owner.

2. Clean Regularly

Getting your vehicle cleaned regularly from a place like Kelly Auto can also help you maintain your car's value. You need to ensure that the car is not just cleaned, but also waxed and polished. The interiors should be vacuumed, the plastic areas should be polished, and the car should look clean. The same treatment should be given to the car's exteriors, with special attention being given to the wheels.

3. Don't Personalize

Personalizing your car to an extent is okay, but too many upgrades are never a good thing. The next owner may not have the same interests, so an expensive audio system upgrade may not be something you can recoup financially. As long as you're aware of your upgrades and limit them, especially exterior upgrades, your car's value shouldn't depreciate too much.

4. Car Documentation

All the car's documents should be maintained right from the beginning. These should also be updated and kept safely. 

Maintain your car's value by getting it serviced from our Kelly Auto dealership today. If you live in Emmaus, Allentown or Easton, then visit Kelly Auto Service today!