Why are Tire Rotations Important?

Tire rotations involve the periodic exchange of placement of the tires in your car. By rotating the tires in the car, you promote a balanced and even wear and tear of the car's tires, which ultimately end up extending the tire's life.

The pattern of the rotation depends on what kind of car you own and how it is used. You can ascertain for yourself what kind of tire rotation your car needs by finding out what the drivetrain of your car is. A vehicle that utilizes a front-wheel-drive makes more use of the front wheels of the cars than the rear wheels, while a vehicle with a rear-wheel-drive does the opposite. By exchanging the front wheels with the back wheels, a Car Service Dealer will be able to promote an even wear and tear between the tires.

What Is the Importance of a Tire Rotation?

All tires will eventually wear out - however, whether the tires in your car wear out sooner or later is entirely dependent on how well your car is maintained. One important part of this car maintenance involves tire rotations.

You should ideally get the tires of your vehicle rotated every time you reach a mileage between 5000-7500 miles. You could also get your tires checked whenever you go to get your car serviced at any dealer in Emmaus, Allentown or Easton. Alternatively, you could make use of the various tire rotation services many car servicing dealers provide, and keep following the schedule to maintain the tires in your car.

The main reasons behind why you should get the tires in your car rotated are:

  • Extend the life of your tires and not have to purchase replacement tires more frequently.
  • Ensure that the brake pads in your vehicle are working fine.
  • Promote even wear and tear of your vehicle's tires, which leads to a balanced and smooth driving experience.
  • Ensure that your rides in the vehicle are safe and without accidents.
  • Lower the occurrence of problems with air pressure in the tires, sudden flats, and other road safety issues.
  • Extend tire mileage and ensure that your tire mileage warranties are effective.

If you live in Emmaus, Easton or Allentown, and would either like to learn more about tire rotations or book into a Tire Rotation Scheduled Servicing, visit the Kelly Auto dealership today!