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Should I Let Any Repair Shop Perform Maintenance on My Buick?

The simple answer is no! We understand that sometimes it might be more convenient, seem more affordable, or seem insignificant, but the truth is no one knows your Buick like a trained and certified Buick service technician. We are able to explain any of the issues you may face with your Buick or help you to understand your warranty and what it covers better than your neighborhood mechanic. Our advice is to follow the routine maintenance schedule for your Buick, and bring it to your local Buick service center, like the service center at Kelly Buick GMC, so that we can make sure your vehicle is always running in great shape.

Buicks have been engineered to be ready for any adventure, and part of that means giving you the diagnostic alerts you need to make sure you can properly care for your vehicle. And those Buick vehicles equipped with OnStar give you immediate access to initiate an on-demand diagnostic check of your vehicle. Putting you in control of your vehicle's overall health.

Outside of your routine scheduled service, here are some signs your vehicle may need service and you need to immediately contact your local Buick dealership for a service appointment:

  • Engine leaking fluids
  • Loud engine noises
  • Smoke escaping from beneath the hood
  • Visible damage to an engine component
  • Dashboard engine icon not lighting up when the engine starts
  • Dashboard engine icon lighting up when the engine starts, but not turning off

Benefits of keeping your engine properly tuned and following your maintenance schedule:

  • Gas mileage improved by up to 4%
  • Fuel efficiency improved by up to 40% if a serious maintenance problem is fixed, such as a faulty oxygen sensor
  • Can help enhance operation and reliability
  • Can help prevent unexpected failures

As an authorized Buick Dealer, we at Kelly Buick GMC, part of the Kelly Auto Group family, are your best option for ongoing service and maintenance. We are specifically trained to maintain Buick vehicles, and help you set up the right service schedule for your vehicle. If you have any questions about your Buick warranty or about any of our services offered by our excellent service center, please contact us at Kelly Buick GMC in Emmaus, PA, or schedule a service appointment today!

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